About the Band

dscf0762We are mature musicians predominantly from the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad, Jamaica, and Dominica and been performing for audiences both large and small for over 25years.

We are experienced with audiences of varying socio background and age group.  We perform for various functions in restaurants, clubs, picnics weddings, high school graduation lock down parties, and events at the St Regis to weddings at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach. We performed at beach clubs from Santa Monica to Newport Beach California. We’ve performed for Regattas in Newport beach, Catalina Island and Company parties from the beach sand to luxury boats in Long Beach CA.

Whatever your event, if it Island theme inspired we have the passion, finesse and experience to make it a nostalgic and memorable event with authentic Caribbean music.

Dorrel Salmon who has toured Europe in Jimmy Cliff’s band and also accompanied various “old school artist” in Jamaica leads the group. Dorrel has years of Hotel Industry band experience accompanying Cabaret artists and tropical shows before his former group was invited to Los Angeles as guest of Stevie Wonder to work on the group’s second album in 1982.

Dorrel Salmon is now the North American spoke person for Red Stripe Beer, Jamaica’s pride and joy and is featured in various commercials on you tube face book and music video ‘Ambassador say Relax’ on you tube. Dorrel was also a guest on the George Lopez show aired August 12th 2010 in the character “Red Stripe Ambassador”.

Singers in the group also featured in the brand new release album entitled ‘World Will Remember You’ is:

Eric Walsh smooth voice with sweet subtle vibrato and guitar hails from Kingston Jamaica:

Linford John Vocals from Dominica has won awards for his talent and performances there. Other members are

Gerald Logie from Trinidad on Steel Pans spent years on the road with world famous pianist Liberace,

Phil Chen Jamaican born & raised has performed with Rod Stewart and the doors to name a few plays Upright bass, electric bass, Electric Guitar and Banjo:

Casey Jones California born was passionately adopted ‘now authentic’, on drums and vocals.